Saving the Adoption Tax Credit!

Let’s Keep It Going!

When something is worth pursuing, even when it is a challenge, it is important that we don’t give up! Every day, hundreds of people reach out to their representatives in Congress about a whole host of issues. Sometimes it takes more than one try to get their attention, so please continue to bring to light the important issue of protecting a REFUNDABLE and permanent adoption tax credit!

If you have already contacted your representative and have not heard back, please know that it is very important to keep trying to reach out, and to do so in a variety of ways – such as by email, phone call, and social media. You can seek out the staff member that handles tax issues or even try to meet with someone at a local office in person.  If you would like additional tips for effective advocacy, please email the working group at

Ask others to please do their part, too!  Many voices will help communicate the importance of preserving the adoption tax credit and making it refundable.  Please use social media to ask your friends and family to help you in this important outreach. The more our Congressional representatives hear, the more likely they are to act.  If you haven’t reached out yet, it is not too late… and it can be quick and easy.

In-person meetings with your Members of Congress or a staff member to talk about adoption issues are very effective.  You can set up a meeting, either in DC or in a local office, with your representative, often right through their web site. Or, if your representative hosts a “town meeting,” try to attend and raise adoption issues as a topic to be addressed. These sorts of events are often listed on Member’s web sites, or you can call their local office to inquire.

Go to and to locate information on your representatives. Please share your personal story and why you are asking your representative to support the Adoption Tax Credit refundability bills (H.R. 2144/S.1056).

Thank you!

Please Share, Thank You!