FIA Needs Your Photos for the FIA: Keep It Real Project

FIA Introduces…

The Keep it Real Project: Real Adoptions. Real People. Real Images.

Calling All FIA Family Members!

FIA loves featuring photos of REAL FIA ALUMNI. Portraying actual FIA family members (birth and adoptive) in our print and electronic publications, as opposed to using stock photos, are the only way to keep it real! If you and/or your family members are interested in being a part of this exciting project, please click on the link below and from there you will be able to send us your best 1-3 family photos:

Click HERE to submit your best 1-3 family photos

The form has an option for you to upload photos and/or to check a box if the photos were taken by an FIA team member at a previous event.  You can determine if you want no names, actual names, or pseudonyms. Even if you do opt for names, not all photos will have captions.

All families are invited to submit their family portraits, baby pictures, adoption finalization photos, FIA picnic photos, etc. Our FIA team members love to see photos from our families so this is going to be a treat for the entire staff! We really want to get away from using stock photos and show real people, real adoption stories! (Plus, all our families are beautiful!).

We expect many families to participate in this project and we plan to publish the photos on a first-come, first-served basis. We do intend to portray every single submission, so please bear with us if we don’t use your photo right away.

Thank you!

The FIA Team

Please Share, Thank You!