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Dancing with Tradition

FIA alumni in the news A brief article in The Boston Globe, written by Cindy Cantrell, about Zion (age 11), a Friends in Adoption family member who is now performing in “The Nutcracker.’’ DANCING WITH TRADITION: When Zion was 3 years old, his mothers, Stacey and Jessie, enrolled him in a basketball class, but he cried. Next they put him in … Read More

Weprin introduces Adoptee Bill of Rights

Recently, I read the following on my Facebook wall: “Assemblyman David Weprin introduced the adoptees bill of rights to give Adoptees access to their birth certificate and medical records at 18 on Sunday, November 13, 2011.” (Read the full article here) A comment was posted on my wall from a young person who was adopted: Lizzy: “Adopted or not…you should have access to … Read More

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