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Infant Adoptions in the U.S.

How Do I Look For Families To Adopt My Baby?

This question is on most birth parents’ minds. Looking for a family to adopt your baby is a major step in the adoption process that we can make easier with our expert guidance and thorough information. Before a prospective adoptive family is presented on our website, they are vetted and legally approved to adopt a child in the United States. You can click on any family’s adoption profile and be confident knowing they’ve passed our rigorous review.

Your Friends in Adoption counselor will be as involved in this process as you want. He or she will learn what’s most important to you, act as your sounding board, and help you figure out if, how, and when you make contact.

You can also decide to have your counselor make recommendations on families, handle contact, or take care of the entire process. Whatever you want, you call the shots.