What to Expect with FIA:

Words of Wisdom from Monique, a Birth Mother:

“Knowing just what to expect at all times is so important, but especially when things are tough. An agency should be caring towards a pregnant woman/couple — and not hide a thing… lay it all out there for you — and be right there to give you a listening ear or put you in touch with someone else who has gone through the same thing.”

If you choose to explore adoption with FIA, you can expect to:

  • Have your privacy and confidentiality maintained.
  • Have FIA’s kind and experienced staff available to support you 24 hours a day, as you consider all of your options, without putting any pressure on you.
  • Be offered free, face-to-face, local counseling services for you and your family, both prior to and after the birth of your baby.
  • Feel comfortable speaking honestly throughout the process, without fear of being judged.
  • Have access to free legal services and be offered help with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.
  • Be treated with kindness, dignity and respect as you explore the adoption option.
  • Learn about the choices you have in creating an adoption plan that fits you and your needs, including how much contact you want, both before and after your child’s birth.
  • Have FIA personally know its families! FIA makes it a priority to meet all of its families in person before approving them to adopt.
  • Have all FIA families be financially secure and pre-screened thoroughly through the home study process, which includes physicals and emotional health reports by a physician, as well as child abuse and criminal clearances. In addition, FIA families must update their home study annually.
  • Have prompt, confidential delivery of helpful materials and resources upon request, and expect FIA to value your privacy and strive to maintain strict confidentiality when providing services to you free of charge.
  • Be offered the opportunity to talk with, email, or in some cases, meet with birth parents who believe that every person considering adoption should be able to hear from others who are living the experience.
  • Have the agency available for continued contact throughout the years, even if you choose not to have direct contact with the adoptive family.

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Trish, Matt and baby John with FIA staff Dawn, Diana, Nan, and Beth
Trish, Matt and baby John with Dawn, Diana, Nan, and Beth

You deserve kindness and respect from our caring staff.

We are here for you 24 hours a day.

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