Birth Father Adoption Stories

Aaron’s Story

I was not a young guy when my ex-wife told me she was pregnant. She was already parenting our 8 year old so I was shocked when she told me she wanted to place our child for adoption. She had already called an agency, Friends in Adoption, and was looking at profiles of potential families.

I was adopted through the foster care system and mistakenly thought that a private agency was the same as the state. I was so wrong. I was approached by a caseworker who truly wanted me to get involved with the process and meet the adoptive parents and provide my medical history.

I ended up really liking the adoptive parents (especially the adoptive father) and I know our daughter will have a great life. To be honest, I knew I couldn’t parent since I didn’t have a stable job or living situation but I thought my ex-wife would be able to. She had a good job, but I guess she had a different idea. The adoption has brought us closer and we no longer fight over all the little things.

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