Kayleigh and Abby in Vancouver, FIA alumni

This Is Me ~ By: Kayleigh Putnam

This Is Me

By: Kayleigh Putnam

Questions about my adoption are often asked. Whether it’s why I don’t look like my mother or how it feels to be adopted or if I wish things were different. Yes, adoption makes me different from many others but it does not define me. Fortunately, I grew up with the understanding that I was adopted and never thought twice about it. As I grow older though, I have a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be adopted and the greatness that comes with it. Friends in Adoption helped me find a forever home and a loving family that would do anything for me. It gave me a chance at a life that I would have never experienced if my birth mother had raised me. I used to wonder why my mother would give me up to a family she just met but I soon realized that the act of adoption is the most selfless thing a women can do for her child. I will never understand the amount of strength it took to acknowledge that the life another family can provide for your baby is better than the one you can offer; and I am forever grateful for this. Although I do wonder about my birth family sometimes, I’m truly blessed to have the life I’m living today. When people ask me why I’m different from my family, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t get sad or embarrassed when adoption is brought up because that is me. I don’t have to look like my sister to know I belong. I don’t have to look like my parents to know I am loved. The experiences made possible by adoption created who I am today. This is me.
Kayleigh and Abby
Kayleigh and Abby

Biography: My name is Kayleigh Putnam. I’m 16 years old and in the 10th grade. 17 years ago my parents made a call to Friends in Adoption and they will tell you it’s the best call they ever made. My parents attended the FIA Get Acquainted Weekend in Vermont and learned about the process of adoption. That’s where I come in. Living in Rhode Island my entire life can seem quite boring but I love every second of it. The beach in the summer, snow in the winter; everything about it is great. I like to play volleyball and spend time with my friends on the weekends. In the winter I love to ski up in the Berkshires with my cousins and in the summer I love sitting by the lake. 13 years ago my younger sister, Abby, was adopted and I can truthfully say that without her I would go insane. Talking to her will put a smile on anyone’s face and immediately change the mood of the room. I’m so thankful to be part of an amazing family.

This is the first article written by Kayleigh Putnam.  She wrote an updated article ~ This Is Also Me

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