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Daryl’s Story

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When I first found out my girlfriend was pregnant, I was happy. Although we were only 19, we actually wanted to settle down and be parents. The day my son was born was the best day of my life. But then things changed and my girlfriend decided she was not able to handle being a mom and no longer wanted to live with me and our son. So I decided to take our son and move in with my parents and to be the best dad in the world. And I really tried.

When my son was about three months old, I was ready to admit out loud what I had known in my heart for a long time — I wanted more for my son than I was giving him. I wanted a mom and a dad who didn’t have to work every hour of the day. I wanted a backyard and someone who would read to him at night. I sat down with my parents and they were feeling the same way. So, with a heavy heart and a sigh of relief, together we researched adoption agencies. I knew I had to find a family that would allow me to stay in touch.

We found Friends in Adoption and right away we knew over the phone that these people cared. We made a trip to the agency so we could look them in the eye and know that they would do right by my son. We told them what we wanted in prospective adoptive parents and they gave us profiles. They arranged a meeting with the couple we wanted to meet. Friends in Adoption stood by our side when Janice and I signed the adoption papers. And most importantly, they found me a counselor near my house where I could go to free of charge to get counseling to get me through the first few months.

My son is now two and doing great. His parents stay in touch and because we all want what is best for him, we have grown to trust each other. He has a big brother he adores and I feel good about my decision. Do I wish I could be his Dad? You bet. But I found parents that could be there in ways that I can’t.

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