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Sailor loves when her Dad plays show tunes

Sailor and Nathan

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, Friends in Adoption is sharing adoption stories during the month of November, with the goal of informing and educating the general public in order to make a difference for those in the adoption triad.

Adoption is something to be celebrated, an act of love, and a very special way to make a family. We are committed to promoting inclusiveness, celebrating the uniqueness of each person, empowering individuals and families and know that respect for adoption benefits interactions for all.

It’s Bath Time! But How ’bout Some Show Tunes First?

Nathan and Sky from the Bronx, NY adopted Sailor with the help of Friends in Adoption in 2018. Sailor is now 2 years old, and her favorite activity is to sing and dance while Dad Nathan plays show tunes on the piano — right before bath time!


Here’s an adorable video to prove it – but make sure to turn the sound ON for guaranteed smiles.

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