A Woman's Adoption Story

Sue Anna’s Story

suenna's story showing a photo of a woman with her back to the camera

Years ago I terminated a pregnancy. I never thought I would be that girl. We used protection, but things break. I had been dating my boyfriend for two months — he was a nice guy but certainly not ready to raise a child together. We both worked low paying jobs and money was tight.

I went to Planned Parenthood five days after my missed cycle and my pregnancy test was positive. I knew in my heart of hearts I couldn’t place a child for adoption. I knew as soon as I held this child I wouldn’t be able to let go. So two days later with my boyfriend and a loving nurse holding my hand and drying my tears, I terminated my pregnancy.

Since then, I have learned about adoption through children who were adopted by my cousin and her husband, and we love our family members so much! Even though I don’t know that I would have made a different decision at that time, I have tremendous respect for those who do place children for adoption.

It is important for each person to do what feels right for them. These years later, I still know I did the right thing for me at that time. I did end up marrying this good, loving man a few years later, and we started our family, eventually raising three children. What I know for sure is sometimes our travels take us down an unexpected road. We can choose to travel this road and just get right back on track or let it consume us. What I did was right for us. There is no wrong choice. Until you are faced with a challenge you won’t know for sure what road you’ll take. Friends in Adoption is not here to judge you – whatever you decide. May you find peace and joy on your journey.

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