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How did you feel when you first saw your child?

Friends in Adoption posed this question to several of their alumni families, asking them to share their memories of meeting their child for the first time.

Emotions can run high during the adoption process. For adoptive parents who may have spent years planning and hoping for the day they’d bring a child into their family, the reality of meeting their new little one can be both joyful and overwhelming.

Patty Smith recalled a feeling of awe upon being introduced to her infant son Ben, with “Oh my goodness, there’s our baby!” as the first thought to come to mind.

Patty Smith

Tifanie and Colby S. echoed her sentiments when talking about meeting their daughter Harper, now an active toddler. Tifanie remembered the moment as “amazing”, while Colby commented on the surreal quality of the encounter.

Tifanie and Colby

As is the case for most new parents, fear of the unknown and self-doubt about their parenting abilities were also typical reactions noted by the adoptive parents.

“I don’t know how to do anything, it’s kinda scary,” Ron H. recounted worrying when he saw his baby Cooper for the first time.

Ron and Katharine

But, the alumni families described how the instantaneous affection they felt toward their child overrode any initial anxieties.

“Fear is understandable, but it’s not gonna happen that way. You’re gonna fall in love immediately,” Colby assures.

Colvy and baby Harper

The families’ recollections highlight that laying eyes on their child for the first time was profoundly moving. The culmination of the adoption process brought about a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the new parents.

“I never wondered again what it would be like to have a biological child, because he’s my boy, through and through.”

Patty Smith

Katharine H. beautifully captured the essence of welcoming their new addition in just one word: “Finally.”

Friends in Adoption offers support and resources to all members of the adoption triad throughout the initial adoption process, and into the years to come. If you’re a prospective adoptive parent interested in beginning your journey towards “Finally”, Friends in Adoption is here to help. Contact us at 1-800-982-3678 or [email protected].

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