Resources for Individuals Considering Adoption and for Birth Parents

These resources can be ordered free of charge by calling FIA at 1-800-982-3678 or by clicking here to request the desired resources via e-mail (a new window will open).

The Pregnancy Options Workbook – Online at
This workbook is available in print form or can be completed online.

The Third Choice – By Leslie Fogg and Gail Mosconi
An enlightening perspective on what a pregnant woman/couple goes through when considering making an adoption plan.

Dear Birthmother – By Katlenn Silber and Phyllis Speedlin
An open adoption classic. Gently provocative, warm and convincing, this guide includes actual letters between adoptive parents and birthparents, and between the latter and the children they have.

It’s Time to Let You Know – By Beth Riedler
A story about a birth mother’s love for her child. The author’s personal heartfelt story about placing her child for adoption. It provides forgiveness to those who have placed a child for adoption and empathy for those who have adopted a child.

When Men Grieve – by Elizabeth Levang, Ph.D.

Birthfathers and Their Adoption Experiences – by Gary Clayton
The author recounts stories of 30 birthfathers in adoption.

Dear Birthfather – by Randolph W. Severson, P.h. D.
This book will apply to teenage fathers concerned about doing the right thing.

Out of the Shadows: Birthfather’s Stories – by Mary Martin Mason
Through stories and photos, this book examines the thoughts, feelings and motives of birthfathers.

Facing Teenage Pregnancy – By Patricia Roles

Pregnant Too Soon – By Jeanne Warren Lindsay

Sam’s Sister – By Juliet C. Bond

This Time It’s Me – by Lisa Molek and Mary Vondra

Given in Love – by Maureen Connelly

Parents, Pregnant Teens and the Adoption Option – by Jeanne Warren Lyndsay

Saying Goodbye to a Baby – By Patricia Roles

Birthfathers Come of Age – by Bayard Saunders

Overcoming Myths About Birthfathers – by Mary Martin Mason

Involving Birthfathers in Open Adoptions – by Brenda Romanchik

Birth Father Support: 5 Things Birth Mothers Can Do – by Brenda Romanchik

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