My Young Daughter is Pregnant. It’s Unplanned. Now What?

Your teen or college-aged daughter just told you she’s pregnant.  This news will probably surprise and upset you. No matter what vision you’ve had for your child, it probably didn’t include an unplanned pregnancy.   But now you know, and kudos for being close enough to your daughter that she’s shared this life-changing news with you.  You may need to pick yourself up off the floor and wrestle with anger, denial, and disappointment, but do your best to stay calm and … Read More

Here are some of the most common questions our caseworkers receive:

Here are answers to some of the most common questions our caseworkers receive: I’m unsure of what to do. Should I see a counselor? Will I be able to choose the adoptive parents? Can I meet the potential adoptive family that I’m considering? When it comes time to give birth, what happens? Am I eligible for some sort of financial support during my pregnancy? … Read More

Understanding the Language of Adoption

Understanding the Language of Adoption Friends in Adoption (FIA) is committed to empowering individuals and families during all stages of the adoption process and throughout their lives. FIA promotes a compassionate approach to inclusive and open adoptions, and demystifying the language of adoption furthers our mission. The words we choose shape how we, and those around us, think about situations and concepts we encounter in our everyday lives. Being thoughtful about the language we use when speaking about adoption helps … Read More

When is adoption “done right?”

When is adoption “done right?” Sometimes it is easier to think about the ways something can be “done wrong” in order to be sure we get it right. Any time adoption is not informed by respect and truth, or when it is not voluntary for a placing parent, it is done wrong. Any time adoption moves forward without regard for the (…)… Read More