From Dawn’s Desk: Aura and Molly, part 1

From Dawn's Desk
Dawn Smith-Pliner, Founder and Director of Friends in Adoption

My daughter Aura called me last night.  She asked if I had watched America’s Top Model because the runner up was adopted.  She was Aura’s favorite and spoke about her adoption.   Aura reflected:  “You know Mom when I was a teenager and I always felt disconnected and gave you and Pa a run for your money but always loving you and Pa, even at my worst….”  I hadn’t watched the show but remember clearly the teen struggles that Aura and I went thru.  More about Molly below and Aura- thank you for teaching me life lessons every day.  I love you, but I am glad that you are 31 and not 21. :-)

About Molly:  In addition to being a knockout in front of the camera, Molly had an interesting backstory. She had been adopted, and, as a result, during her high school years, she felt that she had been abandoned by her biological mother and wasn’t appreciate of what her adoptive parents had provided for her. That is, until she met the women.

“That was when I realized ‘Oh, I am better off now,’” she says. “The whole point of me being adopted was to give me a better life. It made me much more grateful for my adoptive parents. It made me realize how badly I hurt them when I would act out and stuff in high school. I haven’t found my birth father. I would like to, but I don’t speak to my birth mother.”

(to be continued…)



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