Considering Adoption For Your Child?

Infant adoption: We understand that considering an adoption plan raises many questions and your choices may feel overwhelming. Our staff is here to be supportive, provide referrals to resources, answer your questions and guide you through your options.

What if my child is already born? Friends in Adoption can certainly help you explore placing your child for adoption and would be happy to discuss with you what your options are and how that might work so that you can make an informed decision. Placing a child who is already born for adoption works in much the same way that placing an infant with an adoptive family does.

Are You a Parent Thinking About Placing Your Child In Adoption?

Order our Free Packet with Relevant Information About the Adoption Process. We will send you an informational guide exclusively prepared for pregnant women or pregnant couples – shipped for free in a discreet, plain envelope, via FedEx.

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I’m Thinking of Placing My Child

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Choosing An Ethical Adoption Agency

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Testimonials by Real People

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Pregnant Women FAQ

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