FIA Attends the AFFCNY Conference 2018!

FIA Attends the AFFCNY Conference!

By Deirdre Graham, Community Outreach Manager

Last week, I attended the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition’s (AFFCNY) 29th Annual Foster Care and Adoption Conference! The theme of this year’s gathering was “Nurture and Heal: Overcoming the Circle of Trauma and Taking Care of Ourselves.”
Each year, the AFFCNY conference serves as a space for birth, foster and adoptive families, as well as professionals in the field (social workers, case managers, adoption and foster professionals) to gather, share, learn, and further explore the complex experiences of family together.

“Aimed at parents and professionals alike, the conference brings leaders in the child welfare field to New York and offers a variety of topical workshops designed to deepen the knowledge of attendees, make connections to other parents and professionals and give attendees tools they can bring home and share in their community. Nationally-known plenary speakers and workshop presenters share their knowledge and expertise to help participants gain perspective, increase skills, and learn to appreciate the positives.” –AFFCNY Annual Conference Webpage:

Some of the interesting and informative sessions included: Family Socializations and Self-Care for the Stressed-Out Parent; Trauma Informed Approach to Food Issues and How to Help your Adopted Child Feel Safe; Born in June, Raised in April: One Month at a Time—Adoption, Identity and Family; Lifelong Impacts of Relinquishment for Birth Parents; and, Reclaiming Connections: Stories and Tools to Nurture and Empower Youth and Families.

I was even lucky enough to catch the Keynote Speaker for Friday, Dr. Joyce Pavao. Dr. Pavao spoke powerfully about the significance of finding adoption competent mental health professionals, and delved into the complexities of what it means to be adopted.
Continuing adoption education and adoption awareness is something very important to Friends in Adoption. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals and members of the adoption community!
Please visit AFFCNY’s website to learn more about the amazing conference:
Deirdre -Community Outreach Manager
Deirdre -Community Outreach Manager


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