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What Capital Region Providers Want to Know About Adoption

Many people exploring pregnancy options may first seek guidance from a trusted healthcare provider or human services professional. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and others who serve pregnant individuals want to be sure they can help their patients access reputable, unbiased resources to support informed decision-making. So what do providers in the greater Capital Region of New York wish they knew when they have a patient or client who is considering adoption?


Where they can refer patients with confidence

Providers want to know they’re referring patients to trustworthy resources. Friends in Adoption (FIA) is the first choice of many reproductive health centers and other provider organizations when referring to an adoption agency because of FIA’s reputation as compassionate, knowledgeable adoption professionals.

FIA is a secular, licensed agency that understands pregnant individuals need a safe, non-judgemental space in which to explore their options and make decisions. FIA is also an inclusive agency. They celebrate diversity within the adoption triad and never discriminate against prospective birth or adoptive family members on the basis of race, ethnicity, marital status, age, religion, physical disability, income, sexual orientation, or gender identity/ expression (SOGIE).

Providers who refer to FIA know their patients will be able to consult with expert independent licensed counselors and trained adoption attorneys. And, if they decide to create an adoption plan, patients referred to FIA can access services and support from the agency throughout their lifetime.

How to access free, high-quality training and education

It’s imperative for service providers at all levels to stay up-to-date with training and education relevant to their field, both so that they can maintain licensures and certifications and to be able to best advise their patients or clients. FIA offers free staff-development in-services, workshops, and a variety of other informative training opportunities for healthcare and human service professionals and can deliver training at any Northeast location.

FIA educates service professionals about current adoption processes, what to expect from FIA, why it’s important to work with a licensed agency, and how to best assist patients and clients who are considering or have decided to make an adoption plan. By teaching positive and appropriate adoption language and discussing compassionate adoption practices, FIA can help staff members in provider organizations become more comfortable talking about pregnancy options when interacting with pregnant individuals weighing possible directions for an unplanned pregnancy.

Where they can get informational materials to share with patients

Healthcare and human services providers often choose to have adoption materials on hand at their practice sites so patients and clients can access them as needed. FIA gives providers relevant literature on request that can be shared with pregnant or parenting individuals who are considering adoption. Providers can complete a material request form here and can find our newsletter, Connections, here, as another source of information for patients.

Professionals can also reference the Calendar of Events on FIA’s website to identify other learning opportunities and resources for patients and clients, such as informational sessions and birth parent support groups.

Providers and other professionals can find additional adoption resources on the Friends in Adoption (FIA) website.

Contact Friends in Adoption

FIA is a trusted resource healthcare providers and human service professionals can rely on to give their patients consistently excellent services and support. If you’re a service provider interested in learning more about the adoption process or how to refer to FIA, contact us at 1-800-982-3678 or info@friendsinadoption.org.

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