The Clear Choice for Pregnant Individuals Considering Placing Your Newborn

There are a vast number of newborn adoption agencies in the Saratoga Springs New York area, but none that match the experience and care of Friends in Adoption. Some of the benefits of choosing our compassionate adoption services include;

  1. Kindness and judgment free support. You deserve information, not judgment. With Friends in Adoption, you will be treated with kindness and respect through the whole adoption process. 
  2. Creating a unique adoption plan for your baby. We know that every situation is different and that is why we create a unique adoption plan for you and your newborn child.
  3. Choice in who adopts your newborn. By reading and selecting approved adoptive family profiles, you can choose, if you want to, which potential adoptive parents you would like to adopt your baby.

Friends in Adoption wants to help pregnant individuals anyway they can. Reach out to our local Saratoga Office and find a loving family today.


Our Saratoga County Newborn Adoption Agency Office*:

125 High Rock Ave, Ste 103

Saratoga Springs NY 12866


*By appointment. All correspondence should be mailed to Poultney, VT office