Olivia Pope, Community Outreach and Development Coordinator



Community Outreach and Development Manager

Albany, Albany County, NY

As a Community Outreach and Development Manager, Olivia operates on the road with a moving office! She travels three days a week to various counties throughout New York and New England to provide resources to professionals in the healthcare and social work field. Olivia meets weekly with various professionals to equip them with information and knowledge of Friends in Adoption so that they might refer to us when they have an individual in need. She also provides professional staff development workshops that focus on in depth conversations about adoption as an option and Friends in Adoption as a community resource. When not on the road, Olivia works from her office in Albany county.

A highlight Olivia would like to share: “After one of my workshops, a professional came up to me and mentioned that she was amazed by my passion for the work I do. I’m really proud of this agency and the work we do as a team to serve our community. Friends in Adoption has made me an ally in choice and an advocate for adoption. I love the opportunity I get each week to educate professionals and pass on resources.”

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