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Share the Love

Friends in Adoption Announces the 1st Annual SHARE THE LOVE Campaign **UPDATE Feb 14, 2014** A big Valentine’s Day hug to all those that have contributed to the 1st Annual FIA Share the Love Campaign. The FIA family continues to grow with the addition of four new families created so far in 2014! A raffle winner drawn from participants will … Read More

FIA Family Explains how DOMA affects their Lives

Winchester, Mass. couple closely watching DOMA ruling News Story originally broadcast by their Local News Station NECN. Click Here to read original story and to watch the video. Joe and Graham are Adoptive Parents (with their daughter Emily) working with Friends in Adoption for their second adoption. …. original story … (NECN) – The Supreme Court ruling on DOMA will … Read More

Dear Moms of Adopted Children – by Kathy Lynn Harris

Kathy Lynn Harris, author of “A Good Kind of Knowing” and “Blue Straggler,” has written this wonderful article about adoption. It is very well written and worth the time to read it. Dear Moms of Adopted Children by Kathy Lynn Harris Click HERE for the original article First, a quick note: I wrote this piece after reading an essay written by Lea … Read More

Top 10 Ways to Help Friends Through Adoption Process

10 Things to Help and Support Your Friends Through Their Adoption Journey Ask your friends if they have cards stating their desire to adopt that you can leave at restaurants, airports, train stations etc. Go to your friend’s profile on www.friendsinadoption.org and press the “Like” button. Sponsor an adoption ad for your friends – newspaper, internet, or google. E-mail beth@friendsinadoption.org … Read More

Enjoy the Wait

“I Just don’t have Time for You” It’s 4:30 a.m. and I need to get out of bed by 5:30 a.m. This hour is essential because I need time to think, time to prioritize the day. I’m tired because I also went to bed too late. The goody bags needed to be packed, and now I will be grumpy and … Read More


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