FIA Get Acquainted Workshop – Review by Jon and Sara

Another Friends in Adoption GAW review:

“Dear FIA,

The Get Acquainted workshop was so helpful for Sara and me. We went in knowing that we wanted to adopt, but would have held off if there were any “red flags” that we heard. We fully understand that adoption is a major commitment and didn’t want to have any reservations about it. This workshop erased any reservation/myths about adoption that we had or had heard. We truly feel that FIA cares about both their adoptive parents and birth mothers. Having the staff there to speak with us, both formally and informally really made a difference. It was a really nice touch to have the staff informally available for prospective adoptive parents. We gained so much from speaking with FIA staff at the event. Many of them have even gone through the process of adopting, which means a lot to us.

To us the two toughest parts of adopting are the 30 day period and the cost of it. FIA’s approach to both of these was to reveal all and hide nothing. On the 30 day period we feel that FIA will do all it can to prepare, assess risk, and inform all involved of the situation. Even counseling is there for the birth mother. As for the cost, FIA did a great job of breaking down the fiscal responsibilities of the adoptive parents. I can now see that the agency fee goes toward the employment of all of the hard-working people I met. I also see the values in extensive outreach and your many social workers. I also know there must be an escrow for the birth mother, and the purpose of it, etc.

Thanks so much to FIA for always keeping in contact. Waiting is a fact of life and all adoptive parents will have to suffer through it. Not having to wait for answers helps. We are so happy to have paid the first half of the agency fee. There’s a real feeling of hope again.

– Jon and Sara

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