A Few of Their Favorite Things

There’s nothing more rewarding for Friends in Adoption (FIA) than hearing about how the children and families served by the agency are growing and thriving. FIA staff is grateful for the opportunity to watch each child’s unique character emerge and witness their relationships with their parents flourish.

FIA alumni families were asked to share some of their children’s favorite activities. The parents’ responses highlighted their love and adoration for their children as much as they revealed the little ones’ blossoming personalities.

“Oh, he loves our dog,” Katharine answered, sharing a photograph of her son Cooper and his canine best friend Occhi. She illustrated the Cooper’s unwavering interest in their dog by explaining “all he wants to do” is be near his four-legged buddy.

Tifanie said, “I like to watch her learn all of the things,” laughing as her curious daughter Harper playfully tugged on her hair.

Colby shared that Harper likes to make her voice heard, and he enjoys encouraging her developing communication skills. “She’ll be really vocal sometimes in the supermarket, and I’ll be doing it right back. Everyone looks, we don’t care.”

Holding a picture of her two children, Patty explained, “Our daughter loves to sing and dance, so I just love to play music when we’re getting dinner ready or something like that, and just watching her sing and dance all over the kitchen.”

Patty’s affection for her child is evident as she speaks, as is their delight in watching her daughter do something she enjoys.

Ron said that his son Cooper is also beginning to like playing simple games with his parents. “We’ve started to toss balls back and forth, and that’s really fun,” Katharine agreed.

While each Friends in Adoption alumni family’s adoption journey is as individualized as their child’s favorite things to do, the warmth and affinity evident between the featured children and their parents is, happily, a common thread among so many of the families we support.

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