Testimonial by Brian, a birth father

“We went together and talked to our Case Manager and she told us everything about what FIA stood for and how things would go. She told us about open adoption which I had no idea what it was, but when I found out I was all for it.” —Brian, a birth father

Testimonial from Emma, a birth mother

“My Case Manager was kind, understanding, helpful, and answered every single ridiculous question and listened to everything that had happened without judgment. This, in my opinion, was the start of making this story as amazing as it was.” —Emma, a birth mother

Review from Jesse, a birth mom

“Most of my contact with my Case Manager was over the phone or via email but I couldn’t help but feel this radiating smile casting over me every time we communicated. She gave me hope. She gave me a sense of normalcy.” —Jesse, a birth mom

FIA Review from Anne and Douglas, birth parents

“Our Case Manager was a pleasure to work with. For going through such a life-changing event and supporting us throughout our entire pregnant journey, she became like family. She was a friend to both of us, and our families. She made it possible to not only meet and befriend our adoptive parents, she made it possible to make them part of our family as well. Without our Case Manager, we would not be where we are today in our lives.” … Read More

Birth Mother Wing Yin’s review of Friends in Adoption

“My Case Manager helped me with everything that I asked, from sending me profiles of the adoptive parents that I had specifically told her, to getting me taken care of with my counselor that FIA had provided me to meet in person. I was nervous about meeting the adoptive parents but when I met them they were great. I actually found out that the adoptive mom had the same birthday as me so it made me feel more connected to … Read More

Birth mother Rebecca’s testimonial

“When I had my son, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was very far along in the pregnancy. I was already a single mom with a toddler at home. I had recently gotten sole custody of my daughter and was beginning to turn our lives around. I knew if I brought my son home, neither he nor my daughter would have the lives that I wanted them to have and that … Read More

Toni, a birth mother, and her testimonial

“I worked closely with the family I chose through my pregnancy, she went with me to most of my OBGYN appointments and was even in the delivery room with me when my daughter was born. My Case Manager made all of this possible and helped quickly and successfully work through any concerns or problems I or the adopting family had.” —Toni, a birth mother

Testimonial by a birth mother

“This experience was by far the hardest obstacle I’ve been through in my life. I can honestly say there was NO WAY I could have done it without my Case Manager. She was such an easy person to talk to. She always knew just what to say to make me smile or laugh. For two people who never knew each other, she was so willing to go the extra mile to make sure my experience was much easier. It’s ALWAYS … Read More

FIA review by a birth father

“I met the family so I could ask questions and get to know them. You could tell from the very second that they were going to love my son more than anything and give him the world, which they do.” —M, a birth father

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