Some of The Most Common Questions Our Caseworkers Receive

Q: I’m unsure of what to do. Should I see a counselor?
A: Friends in Adoption highly recommends that you talk with a counselor, specifically one who specialized in adoption. Counseling is available to you at any time until your child turns 18.

Q: Will I be able to choose the adoptive parents?
A: Yes, profiles of hopeful adoptive families that meet your criteria will be presented to you to help you make the decision that is best for you and your baby.

Q: Can I meet the potential adoptive family that I’m considering?
A: Absolutely. I can set up a conference call to talk, or a visit via Skype or in-person – whatever you are comfortable with at this time.

Q: When it comes time to give birth, what happens?
A: Every woman we work with is encouraged to create a “hospital plan.” This plan details your ideal hospital experience and what level you’d like the adoptive parents to be involved.

Q: Am I eligible for some sort of financial support during my pregnancy?
A: Yes! There may be some pregnancy expenses that Friends in Adoption may be able to help you with, within legal parameters. Of course, any counseling and legal fees will be covered.

If you find yourself googling “give baby up for adoption New York,” or “pregnant not sure what to do New York,” then you’re probably looking for some answers to questions you cannot answer yourself. If you need judgment-free information, Friends in Adoption is here to help. Call 1-800-982-3678 anytime.