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Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption at the Hospital?

“Can you give your baby up for adoption at the hospital?” Is a question we often are asked. If you decide that adoption is right for you, before going into labour or after giving birth, you may be wondering about adoption options at the hospital. First, please know you aren’t “giving up” your baby. Instead, you are choosing a life you dream of for your baby. You are giving them the best life you can. That being said, yes, it is 100% legal to place your child for adoption/choose adoption at the hospital.

It’s more common than you might think. Adoption agencies and even some hospitals have procedures in place to make the process as easy and clear as possible. Friends in Adoption is familiar with this process, and can provide caring, non-judgemental guidance during a difficult time. If you are considering adoption, Friends in Adoption can help you select the right hospital to give birth in to ensure a supportive environment.

There are two main pathways to choosing adoption at the hospital. One involves planning before the birth and creating an adoption plan. The second involves making this brave choice while at the hospital. We will go through each option, step-by-step. Any questions or concerns, Friends in Adoption is proud to assist strong birth parents like you.

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