Frequently Asked Question

Can I Get Help With Birthmother Living Expenses While I’m Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

Many pregnant individuals wonder what kind of financial support with living expenses they can receive while pregnant and considering adoption.

Depending on the laws in your state, we can help with arrangements for basic living expenses like food, rent, and medical costs related to your pregnancy. We’ll help you apply for any programs or insurance benefits you’re entitled to.

If you’ve developed an adoption plan and if your state allows it, we can identify an adoptive family who’ll provide financial support. (Some states allow adoptive parents to pay for housing/rent, utilities, food, and maternity clothes, transportation for medical appointments, and medical expenses that insurance doesn’t cover.)

Your adoption counselor can explain the specifics of what’s available to you.

“Because of my personal situation, I needed help with living arrangements. Friends In Adoption did locate a place where I could stay that was central to my doctor’s office, shopping and other locations that I would need access to. The agency is the best source of how the financial piece or legal aspects of paying for my room and board as well as other expenses actually worked.” – from Heidi, a Birth Mother