Describe Friends in Adoption in three words!

We asked a few of our families to describe FIA in 3 words!

Here’s what they had to say:

Patty: If I had to describe Friends in Adoption in 3 words I would say…

Kath: Caring.

Colby: Understanding.

Patty: Compassionate.

Kath: Competent professionals.

Tifanie: They understood what we were going through as intimately as we did, like straight from the beginning.

Kath: The support. Like, knowing that for life… when we have questions or if anything comes up, they know us through and through and we can ask them anything.

Ron: They do it seamlessly. There’s no hiccups ever. We had some issues behind the scenes that we didn’t even know. It was seamless.

Patty: Whether you are prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, a pregnant individual or a birth mom, they always know what that person needs when they need it.

Watch the video:

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